Why Use A Part Time CFO

“Today’s small businesses face an ever-changing and increasingly difficult and competitive business environment. A results-oriented financial strategy, properly implemented and managed, is essential to business success…”

Today, the role of the CFO as a company’s financial function leader is changing significantly. The historical model predominantly targeting cost accounting and control is rapidly becoming obsolete, as it no longer suits the ever changing business environment. The modern CFO must skillfully balance four key interrelated roles: strategist, steward, operator and catalyst.

CFO Enterprise, LLC provides clients expertise in strategic, financial, accounting, and operations management. Clients benefit from the in-depth experience of a part-time CFO professional without having to incur the unnecessary expenses of a full-time position. CFO Enterprise, LLC helps companies develop and support effective and efficient financial operations that encompass both detail current operational issues and strategic planning concerns of the CEO and Executive Management. We provide the advanced expertise needed by the company while limiting the cost and commitment of additional senior staff.

How We Work

Part-Time CFO:

This is a perfect answer to the needs of small companies that require CFO competencies to assist in the development of a strong foundation from which to build a successful company. We can assist early stage growth companies with the following functions and many more: Read More:

Interim CFO:

During times of turnover or absences of your current CFO or Controller, we can provide immediate interim assistance so that your company doesn’t miss a step.  If needed, we can even assist your company to secure a replacement and provide training and transitional support after they arrive, thus ensuring a smooth and successful executive transition.  Read More

Project Basis:

Providing the expertise of senior-level in-house financial management without the overhead. This arrangement works for a wide range of projects to support the financial, organizational and operations needs of the client. Read More

As a strategic partner, CFO Enterprise provides financial leadership which enables companies to better manage the four key systems of their business; cash flow, operations, accounting, and revenue.