CFO Client Needs Assessment

Are you “burying” your head in the sand- dreading the month end numbers?
Is everyone around you telling you “…not to worry!”
  • Do you find that your operating reports do not provide you with meaningful information or are not timely?
  • Does your cost of sales fluctuate widely from period to period?
  • Does the lack of corporate planning result in crisis management?
  • Does the operating performance reflected on your financial statements often vary significantly from your expectations?
  • Do you have unexplained cash shortages?
  • Does your debt service take over 90% of your free cash flow?
  • Are you experiencing rapid growth?
  • Have you had Executive turnover?
  • Are you experiencing poor financial results?
  • Does your company have inadequate internal controls?
  • Do you get monthly internal financials? Do you get them in a timely manner?  Are they prepared without errors?
  • Do you need assistance working with Bankers and your external Accountants

If you answered, “Yes” to at least one question, then you may be a candidate for our services. We invite you to contact us for more information.