Client Testimonials

“Using CFO Enterprise has been one of the  best business decisions I have ever made. Their many years of experience and knowledge have helped me reach my financial goals and improve my financial metrics. They were able to give me specific advice on how to improve my business and plan for the future. I have also been very impressed in their ability to help me implement new software and processes that have had a very positive effect on my bottom line. They have truly become a part of this organization and I trust them completely to help me grow my business.”

MMI Public Relations, North Carolina

“After 30 years in business with my brothers, we were ready to divide the business because we were struggling on how best to work together, to move forward. Our company has used consultants many times in the past but none of them produced results like we have experienced with CFO Enterprise involvement.
They approached our business with a thorough understanding and have been successful in the hands-on implementation of solutions where many others have failed. Their business focus is razor sharp and their confidence and resolve have allowed us to trust them as a group and move the company forward with a strong financial plan.”

Neomonde Baking Company, Inc., North Carolina

“Lorna is one of those rare individuals who are both analytical and creative. She uses those talents to build leaders, business and drive she bottom line. It has been inspiring to watch Lorna manage her team of talented people. Her insight, dedication and integrity are second to none. She is a rare kind of visionary. She can define a long-term strategy and then break it down to the day-to-day. Lorna has the ability to translate her ideas into clear presentational formats that not only educate but engage her clients. I meet many outstanding people in my profession, yet I seldom come across someone who is so approachable and as down to earth as Lorna. She is punctual, honest and delivers on exactly what is promised. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her. The icing on the cake is her great personality, filled with warmth and genuine caring. She is a terrific executive, coach, and speaker. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

TNT-Technologies, Inc., Georgia

“CFO Enterprise had an immediate and positive impact on our company. It was the only outsourced CFO firm that took the time to fully assess our ills before prescribing a cure. Their high-level strategic view was “right on”, and with there expert help, we are now on a solid course for financial improvement.”

Technical Resources Group, Inc., Arizona

“CFO Enterprise has been instrumental in leading and executing  Stealth’s financial strategy resulting in a sustainable and profitable growth. Their considerable  depth of experience with mid-sized organization is not only notable, its highly valued with our management team as we navigate in these exciting times”

Stealth Labs, LLC, North Carolina

“Having worked with Lorna Nahil in several environments, I have continuously been impressed with her expertise, knowledge, intelligence, and trustworthiness. My first experience was in a large corporation (fortune 50) where I not only observed her work ethics and creativity, but was able to use her vast knowledge to improve my own area of responsibility. After leaving the corporate world, Ms. Nahil and I had occasion to work together in consulting capacities where, again, I appreciated and relied upon her abilities, work ethics, and impeccable responsibility and accountability. I’ve learned from her and had the very pleasant experience of sharing projects which always were completed on time and better than projected.”

SAS Marketing, LLC, California

“It was certainly a pleasure to work together with you this past year. Your understanding of the business, particularly in this part of the world, was appreciated and it did help us to work out some very important issues left behind by the previous management in this area…”

Executive Assistant Manager
Hilton Shanghai, China

“I have had the pleasure of working with CFO Enterprise, specifically Lorna Nahil, for the past ten years. Her insight, dedication, energy level and technical competence is amazing. Her ability to work among the various cultures and business environments speaks volumes of her ability and professionalism.

Executive Director
Interval International, Singapore

“Lorna provided outstanding Financial Services support to my organization. She and her team were true partners in the planning and execution of the business, achieving very aggressive goals on time and with a real team attitude.”

VP Marketing & Product Management
Honeywell, California

“Lorna was a detail-oriented financial executive, able to work well with all departments throughout the organization. I found her intelligence and sense of humor a delight. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Vice President of Marketing & Sales
Hospitality Marketing Concepts, California

“I have had the pleasure of working with CFO Enterprise on several occasions, over the past few years. Their dedication, energy, professionalism and knowledge exceeded all of my initial expectations. They have always kept my Company’s interest first and foremost. There is no doubt that they will be a long term partner as we continue to grow and prosper.”

VP Finance
BAS Aero, California

“Since we began working with CFO Enterprise, we’re in the best financial position we’ve ever been in. Now, we make educated decisions and plan rather than react. The entire team at CFO Enterprise is instinctive and intuitive. They’re truly experts and have integrated into our business smoothly and successfully. I know what’s coming up, where we stand financially and there are no surprises. CFO Enterprise gives my staff and myself financial peace of mind so we can focus on clients and business at hand”

President & CEO
Morrison, Inc., California

““Ayant pu apprécier ses qualités professionnelles, d’analyse et de synthèse lui permettant une prise de décision rapide, et sa détermination quant aux objectifs fixés, Ms Lorna Nahil ne peut qu’être félicitée pour sa contribution à développer les ressources de l’entreprise, en optimisant les différents outils de gestion qu’elle met à contribution. Notre expérience a été très bénéfique au développment de nos activités, et nous ne manquerons pas d’avoir de nouveau recours aux services de CFO Enterprise, LLC, dans un proche avenir.”