CFO Enterprise, LLC

CFO Enterprise, LLC is a professional services firm providing  consulting services, part-time, interim and project Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Controller solutions and executive search in finance & accounting. CFO Enterprise offers companies the opportunity of working with a senior finance executive- with broad-based expertise in global operations, finance and business development for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

Through CFO Enterprise, you have immediate access to accomplished executives, who will work with you in your business to create the change and drive the results you want. Our team is comprised of MBA’s, CPA’s, and MFP’s. Combined, our knowledge base covers almost every industry sector, private and public companies, Fortune 100 to start-up.

Benefits of working with CFO Enterprise

  • Quality CFO’s, controllers and accounting professionals
  • Experienced with early stage environments
  • We have been through this stage multiple times
  • Experienced with times of change – acquisitions, down-sizing, leadership changes
  • Flexible fee structure – cost effective
  • A Company not just an individual consultant or employee
  • Well networked with service providers
  • Focused on the unique needs of entrepreneurial companies
  • Highly skilled professionals with years of hands-on experience
  • Comprehensive financial services offering – detail to big picture

Company History

CFO Enterprise is a well-established professional services firm that has been providing consulting services, part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Controller services and executive search since 2001. Located in the heart of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, CFO Enterprise offers diverse business and financial expertise for start-up, small and emerging organizations.

The business model for CFO Enterprise was conceived after years of working with small and mid-sized businesses and listening to entrepreneurs and executives lament about the lack of experienced financial talent on an as-needed, affordable basis. Our experience has shown us that small and mid-sized businesses fit into two categories with regard to the financial side of their business. Either they are overstaffed with a high cost full-time controller or CFO, or they are understaffed with a bookkeeper or accounting manager and involvement of an owner. In the first instance the company is overspending and relying on the talents and trustworthiness of the individual. And in the second instance the company is missing opportunities, lacking control, and creating risk and stress for the owner. Business owners very rarely go into business because their specialty or desire is in the finance or accounting side of the operation.

In 2001, the mission was set to provide executive-level CFO, Controller and Financial Management Services to small and emerging companies undergoing rapid and significant change. Offering businesses access to top-tier talent that they could otherwise not afford or not have access to, CFO Enterprise provides your company with the financial management expertise required for success in the world of business.

Our Philosophy

At CFO Enterprise, LLC our philosophy is to provide excellence, results and a strong work ethic. Our success is a result of our commitment to our core philosophy.

We limit the number and types of engagements at any one time so that we can approach each engagement with a maximum level of commitment, energy and resourcefulness.

Our service and advice comes from years of first-hand experience in strategically and operationally managing businesses. We know the necessity of integrating processes across functions, management levels, business units and ultimately satisfying various stakeholders’ performance requirements.

We provide tailored services on an “as needed” basis, AND we make sure that our contributions are comprehensive and long lasting.

Our growth, continuity and financial success are a direct result of our ability to offer our clients superior services, provided by a uniquely integrated team who promote the goals and objectives of the firm.