Due Diligence Services – M&A Support

Helping investors and companies make better business transaction decisions by performing due diligence, assessing performance improvement opportunities and providing post-acquisition integration.

Our ability to assist clients before, during, and after the transaction creates efficiencies and results. 

Whether you are considering expanding operations, evaluating an exit strategy or acquiring another business to help achieve your growth objectives, CFO Enterprise is the source for expert assistance in preparing for the event or weighing your options. Our partners will be instrumental in providing you the guidance and support you need for your transaction. CFO Enterprise is committed to delivering a broad range of services in these areas, from pre-acquisition due diligence to post-acquisition accounting and IT support and integration. Our services are flexible and scalable to the specific demands of each transaction.

Buy-side: Our buy-side due diligence focuses on the business and profitability drivers of the target company in an effort to provide the buyer, investor or business owner with analyses to assess and evaluate the organization. We provide a strong combination of financial, business and market insight to reveal issues, risks and opportunities.

Our sample buy-side financial due diligence services include:

  • Quality of earnings (EBITDA)
  • Quality of net assets
  • Working capital considerations
  • Purchase price adjustment analysis
  • Analysis of forecast
  • Key performance indicator analysis
  • Customer and product price/volume analysis
  • Accounting department and financial reporting documentation
  • Information technology
  • Other key business drivers

Sell-Side: Selling a company is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most owners. A business owner cannot afford to experience an expensive learning curve resulting from lack of transactional experience. With that in mind, CFO Enterprise is engaged by companies seeking to sell their business and needing assistance preparing for the transaction.

Our sell-side services takes pressure off corporate executives and better prepares them for a business transaction. CFO Enterprise’s sell-side due diligence is designed to position companies to maximize the value of a transaction, facilitate a smooth exchange of information and reduce the risk of unexpected purchase price adjustments or surprises that could delay or terminate a transaction.

The sell-side due diligence process enables prospective sellers to examine their businesses from the perspective of a potential buyer. Sellers benefit from a sell-side due diligence process in their ability to identify and address issues that could impact a transaction before they are uncovered by a buyer’s due diligence team. Additionally, this process provides potential buyers access to more credible financial information that can reduce the amount of time needed to successfully close a transaction.

By utilizing our services to assist in the preparation of a transaction, our clients are better positioned to obtain maximum value for their company.

Our sample sell-side financial due diligence services include:

  • Financial reporting and accounting process analysis and improvement
  • Divisional carve-out assistance
  • Data request strategy and assistance
  • Transaction Planning
  • Purchase price adjustment analysis
  • Working capital analysis

Post Transaction: Many deals have compelling strategic rationales but fail to create value because of flawed implementation. Owners and investors develop a clear vision for a transaction, but the business falls short of targeted synergies. Acquisition/merger integration is among the most difficult forms of business change to achieve, because the operational challenges get compounded by organizational differences. Having a structured process helps but is not sufficient by itself. A successful deal requires experienced, hands-on support for full and rapid integration.

We have decades of experience and expertise in managing integration programs. We focus on benefit realization, with an emphasis on speed and action. Our integration teams apply proven methods to help overcome the common challenges of integration. We understand the need to have continuity for customers, seamless transitions for suppliers, and a well-defined path for personnel. Our approach creates positive momentum and maximizes your ROI.

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