CFO Enterprise Merger And Acquisition Support Services For Clients

RALEIGH, N.C., April 2, 2014 – CFO Enterprise, LLC, a professional services firm providing consulting services, fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and controller solutions, M&A support services and financial and accounting services, has announced that it will expand its financial services for clients to include a merger and acquisition (M&A) service designed to provide support for business growth transactions, including guidance from pre-acquisition due diligence to post-acquisition finance, accounting and IT integration.

With these new services, CFO Enterprise provides three levels of due diligence and M&A support to guide clients through business transactions: buy-side due diligence, sell-side due diligence and post-transaction. Buy-side due diligence focuses on the financial, business and market insight to evaluate an organization for a buyer or investor. Sell-side due diligence enables prospective companies to maximize their value from the perspective of a potential buyer. Post transaction incorporates methods to overcome common challenges of integration.

As many business environments have limited resources for due diligence and M&A support, CFO Enterprise works to streamline processes to facilitate smooth transactions, maximize its clients’ business value and help achieve growth objectives. By assuming these duties, clients of CFO Enterprise can focus on other essential activities that promote their success.

For more information on CFO Enterprise, visit or contact the company by emailing or calling (919) 654-6851.

“Expansion operations, exit strategies and acquiring other businesses are all expensive and stressful experiences for any company, and we alleviate their concerns by offering professional guidance during business transactions with our M&A services,” says Lorna Nahil, managing partner of CFO Enterprise. “Our role is to ease the transition by assisting our clients before, during, and after the transaction to create efficiency and results as these companies establish their next level of business growth under new ownership.”