CFO Enterprise Launches Total Accounting Solution To Expedite Business Growth For Clients

RALEIGH, N.C., March 25, 2014 – CFO Enterprise, LLC, a professional services firm providing consulting services, fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and controller solutions, M&A support services and financial and accounting services, has announced that it will expand its financial services for clients through launching a total Accounting Solution designed to provide support from the firm’s partners, which includes the expertise from a corporate controller and a company CFO. This expansion is meant to provide strategic expertise, technical accounting experience and flawless execution customized to be appropriate for the stage and growth plans of all client companies.

With the total Accounting Solution, CFO Enterprise provides the level of service you need by first evaluating your business, then putting in place the best support team. Within the total Accounting Solution, an Accounting Service Professional (ASP) manages day-to-day accounting needs; a controller oversees the ASP’s work and provides strategic information; a CFO provides help with complex situations such as mergers and acquisitions, debt restructures and insurance needs. The expanded services at CFO Enterprise are advantageous for businesses to soar to new levels.

As many business environments have limited resources for internal financial consulting, CFO Enterprise works to streamline processes to minimize transactional bookkeeping and maximize strategic oversight and finance support that growing businesses value.

For more information on CFO Enterprise’s total Accounting Services, visit, or contact the company at and (919) 654-6851.

“As the business world is constantly changing, our expanded services are designed to address today’s environment,” said Lorna Nahil, managing partner of CFO Enterprise. “Our total Accounting Solution offers the most promising and professional expertise to enhance our client’s goals in lessening the hassles of bookkeeping and other money-related functions so they can concentrate on their future business growth. It’s a feature many of today’s small and mid-market businesses need to take themselves to the next level.”